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Unlock Canadian real estate investment for just $1 with Addy Invest’s innovative crowdfunding platform, offering a low-risk, diversified approach to property ownership.

Can you invest in Canadian real estate with only $1? Yes, through Addy Invest, previously In My Backyard (IMBY), individuals can invest as little as $1 in crowdfunded real estate, allowing for low-risk investments and the opportunity to diversify across multiple properties.

Key Takeaways:

  • Invest in Canadian real estate with as little as $1 through Addy Invest (formerly known as In My Backyard).
  • Crowdfunding model allows for low-risk investments and diversification across multiple properties.
  • Two membership tiers offer different levels of investment and property access.

As of 2024, the company seems to not exist anymore. I did some digging and found that an older version of the website redirected people to a company called Addy Invest. I assume it’s the same company with a new name, and it seems to run on the same idea of $1 per share of real estate investing.

Real estate prices across Canada in the past few years have been wild – with cities like Vancouver and Toronto seeing prices increase by 20-30% each year! As prices keep inching higher, many millennials and young couples feel like they will never be able to own a home. Some stats say that at current wage prices, in Vancouver, BC, it would take a millennial 150 years of saving to be able to purchase a home!

AddyInvest Crowdfunded real estate investing platform
Crowdfunding Real Estate Investments

That leaves many young people with the question – what’s the best way to get into the real estate market in Canada? Since housing prices are out of reach for so many, they start looking at other real estate investment options in Canada, only to find out that minimum buy-ins are $50,000 or more.

In My Backyard (IMBY) started up in December 2017 during one of the months of fastest rising housing prices on record. IMBY allows someone to invest as little as $1, but typical investments are in the $100 to $200 range.

It’s a low-risk way to be a landlord, splitting costs and profits across multiple people. Plus, it allows a person to be invested in multiple properties to lower risk – if one of the properties isn’t rented, then lost income is only on that portion of their investment.

There are 2 tiers on the platform. One tier is free, and allows investments of $1 to $1500 per property. At that membership level, Canadian real estate investors are given access to properties 3 days after they become available.

If you want immediate access to properties, then you need to pay the $50 year membership fee. This allows real estate investors to access investments immediately when they become available, and it allows the Canadian investor to put up to $10,000 into a single property.

What is a low-risk way to invest in Canadian real estate with a minimal budget?

AddyInvest provides a low-risk solution, allowing individuals to start investing in Canadian real estate with as little as $1. The platform’s innovative approach involves shared investments, providing a gateway to real estate for those with modest budgets.

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