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Last updated February, 2022

What better way to start the New Year then by sticking to your New Year’s Resolution to get in better shape! Even if you love running outside, the treadmill is a staple for every home gym to help you exercise during the cold and wet Canadian winters. Read on to learn about how to choose the best treadmill in Canada.

Considerations in choosing the best treadmill

When considering a treadmill, the first thing you need to determine is the purpose for wanting one. Think about how often you plan to use it, and where in your house the treadmill will live.

Even taking into account the ceiling height at the desired treadmill location is important. If the running deck adds too much height, you might feel cramped running in a space with a low ceiling.

Some of the best folding treadmills fold completely flat to a height of only 6 inches, while others stand up to help take up less space when not in use. Others, the more professional models with more features and incline settings, don’t compact at all so make sure you have enough space for them.

Also, consider how many people will use it, and what height and weight are those people? This will narrow down your choices as some treadmills have a low weight limit, and others have a smaller running platform that isn’t friendly for tall runners.

If you have joint problems or bad knees, you’ll want to make sure your treadmill has a cushioning system on their track. The newest treadmills in Canada have a fully suspended deck that has impact reducing cushioning, while some of the more budget treadmills won’t offer any cushioning features – and that can actually be a good thing if you’re training for a run that’s happening on hard road services.

Some top-of-the-line treadmills actually have a lock-out feature on their deck suspension systems. This gives you the option to cushion the impact of running, or give a hard running surface to more closely imitate running down the road.

With all of these details in mind, you can start to decide on the best treadmill in Canada that will be the best choice for you and your household.

Choosing the Best Treadmill in Canada

Best Treadmill in Canada Comparisons:

Hey Canada! This section helps you compare the features of these products to help you choose the best option for you! Click on the product name to jump down to that specific review.

Belt Size

The belt is the main part of the treadmill. Without it, a treadmill is just a platform. It's important to think about how tall and how wide the treadmill's users will be. If you're tall, a shorter running platform can cause your foot to hit the front plastic covers or even feel like it's falling off the back of the treadmill as you take larger running strides. Typically a smaller belt size / running platform is cheaper, and lighter. Consider getting the largest treadmill belt size you can afford. Commercial units have as large of a belt size of up to 22 inches by 60 inches. Anything as narrow as 16 inches and as short as 45 inches really just seems like a child's toy. 18 or 20 inches wide by at least 55 inches long will be the happy middle for the best treadmill size.

Weight capacity

Ensure the treadmill is rated to handle the weight of the people that plan to use it. 300 pounds seems to be the industry standard and the commercial models can handle more weight. The smallest treadmills in Canada can't handle as much weight (which is one of the reasons why the portable and desk treadmills don't weigh as much as the heavy-duty treadmills).


The more powerful the motor, the better the running experience. If the motor is under powered, running can feel disjointed or abrupt as the motor struggles to keep the belt moving at a steady pace. Of course, more powerful motors mean the treadmill will cost more and weigh more. Another consideration with motor size when choosing the best treadmill in Canada, is that a higher-powered motor requires more power. With a large motor, some users report dimming lights when the treadmill first starts up, or even certain ground-fault breakers getting tripped when the treadmill is plugged into certain outlets. Typically, outlets closer to your breaker panel will be less likely to cause troubles so consider the desired location of your treadmill compared to the distance from your electrical panel.

Top Speed

While the speed of the treadmill may not be important to some, if you're a serious runner, you'll want to make sure that the maximum speed isn't too slow to be challenging for you.


Another fun factor when choosing the best treadmill is to consider the incline. The lowest price treadmills don't have any incline functions, while most have between 0% to 10% incline. On the extreme end, there are even climb training 'incline treadmills' with incline settings as broad as -5% to 40% incline!


Looking for a connected treadmill to help you stay motivated to reach your goals? Or are you more interested in a budget treadmill that is more bare-bones and simple to use? Most treadmills these days have embedded speakers that you can connect to via bluetooth. Others have integrated systems that allow the treadmill speed and incline to be controlled by your workout app for a virtual, connected exercise routine.

Top Pick - NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill10" Smart HD touchscreen, iFit coach ready, Bluetooth audio capabilities
Best Budget Treadmill Canada - NordicTrack T Series5" screen, iFit ready (tablet not included)
Best Folding Treadmill - Echelon StrideBluetooth, Echelon Fitness App ready, tablet holder, motorized folding
Upgrade Pick - Peloton Tread23.8" touchscreen, Bluetooth, 8MP camera, microphone, Peloton App


The biggest complaint we came across when scouring the best treadmill reviews was the issues that arise. Treadmills are large machines with big moving parts, and every step you take they are subjected to high stress loads. We considered how good of a warranty each model had before choosing the Best Treadmill in Canada.

Top Pick - NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill10 yr frame, 2 yr parts, 1 yr labor
Upgrade Pick - Peloton Tread1 yr warranty, motor and belt 3 years, frame 5 years


A treadmill is an investment, so it's important to make sure you're ready to use it enough to justify the expense. Do you currently have a gym membership that you can cancel? Do you really need the features of the best treadmills, or is a budget treadmill good enough for your needs?

Best Folding Treadmill - Echelon Stride$1688 at time of publication
Upgrade Pick - Peloton Tread$3295 at time of publication

Top Pick - NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

Although it's expensive, it's a commercial model with an incredible warranty, great features, and great reviews.

Interactive personal training in your home unlock an exciting world of on-demand personal training with the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 smart treadmill powered by iFit.

The Commercial 1750 is powered by a SMART-Response motor and features a 22" x 60" commercial treadmill belt with Runners Flex deck cushioning for a more comfortable run and recovery.

Use your treadmill’s immersive 10" HD touchscreen to browse a vast library of Studio Classes and Global Workouts, each led by a knowledgeable iFit Trainer who automatically adjusts your speed and incline to optimize your exercise.

Get the best price NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill in Canada from:

Top Pick - NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill review details:

Belt Size22 x 60 inches

Weight capacity300 lbs

Motor3.75 horsepower

Top Speed12 mph

Incline-3% - 15%

Connectivity10" Smart HD touchscreen, iFit coach ready, Bluetooth audio capabilities

Warranty10 yr frame, 2 yr parts, 1 yr labor

Cost$2099 at time of publication

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill Reviews

Wirecutter ranked it as the #1 on their list claiming it was the 'Our Pick' in their product review. [December 2021]
Stable, Spacious, and easy to use

Tom’s Guide - The Best Treadmill Overall [January 2022]
Sturdy, strong motor, large belt size, interactive screen

Cnet ranked it as the #1 on their list claiming it was the 'Best Smart Treadmill' in their product review. [January 2022]
CNet ranked the newer C2950 (with a larger screen) as the best smart treadmill 2022 ranked it as the #1 on their list claiming it was the 'Best Treadmill for serious runners' in their product review. [October 2021]

Best Budget Treadmill Canada - NordicTrack T Series

If you're looking for a smart treadmill at a budget price, check this one out. With a strong 3.0hp motor, a large running platform size, and iFit compatibility, this one might check all the boxes - for under $1000!

Plus it always seems to be the #1 Best Seller in Amazon Canada's Treadmill category. It has over 19,000 ratings with a 4-star average.

Unlock an exciting new world of on-demand personal training with the NordicTrack T 6.5 S smart treadmill powered by iFit. You get more than a treadmill, you get interactive personal training at home. Follow your favorite iFit Trainers as they coach you through exciting studio classes and breathtaking global workouts - all while auto-adjusting your treadmill’s speed and incline for a fully immersive experience.

The T 6.5 S is powered by a SMART-Response motor and features a 20" x 55" treadmill belt with FlexSelect deck cushioning for a more comfortable run and recovery.

Get the best price NordicTrack T Series in Canada from:

Best Budget Treadmill Canada - NordicTrack T Series review details:

Belt Size20 x 55 inches

Weight capacity300 lbs

Motor3.0 horsepower

Top Speed10 mph


Connectivity5" screen, iFit ready (tablet not included)

Warranty1 yr warranty

Cost$748 at time of publication

NordicTrack T Series Reviews ranked it as the #1 on their list claiming it was the 'Overall Best Treadmill under $1000' in their product review. [October 2021]
Impressive features for the price including 10mph top speed and 10% incline, all for under $1000 make this a great option for the best budget treadmill in Canada

Best Folding Treadmill - Echelon Stride

Looking for the best folding treadmill Canada? This one automatically folds up, and it is one of the very few that stores standing up vertically against a wall.

Functionality and technology meet intelligent design in the newest addition to the Echelon product family.

Lightweight design and built-in wheels make it easy to move and store the Stride wherever, whenever.

Designed with convenience in-mind, the Echelon Stride features auto-fold technology to make heart-pumping workouts more accessible than ever before. Just 10-inches deep when folded, the Stride can be discreetly stored in any size space.

Note that this folding treadmill auto-folds flat to the ground, but to store in the vertical position, the one end must be lifted up. Some users complain this isn't the best folding treadmill because it doesn't fold up vertical on it's own, and the product video is slightly misleading.

The Echelon Stride treadmill weighs 156 lbs, but most of the weight would be on the motor end, so estimate needing to lift at least 50 lbs to get the treadmill standing upright against a wall.

Get the best price Echelon Stride in Canada from:

Best Folding Treadmill - Echelon Stride review details:

Belt Size20 x 55 inches

Weight capacity300 pounds

Motor3.0 hp

Top Speed12 mph


ConnectivityBluetooth, Echelon Fitness App ready, tablet holder, motorized folding

Warranty1 yr warranty

Cost$1688 at time of publication

Echelon Stride Reviews

Men’s Health [January 2022]
Great all-around option

Runners World [January 2022]
Best treadmill for people looking for a treadmill that’s super easy to fold away - Best Home Treadmill [October 2021]

Upgrade Pick - Peloton Tread

The interactive workout experience that started it all - Peloton. You've seen the ads and you've heard of them. They have some unique first-in-industry features like their knobs for controlling treadmill speed and incline.

Peloton also has some of the best interactive content - although other companies have made recent strides to compete (like Bowflex and its JRNY app, and NordicTrack and its iFit app). The Tread also comes with a huge 23.8" HD display!

Go beyond the expected treadmill experience on a machine that brings you closer to your goals. Explore running, strength, bootcamp and more, all at home on the Peloton Tread.

Stay in control of your run with intuitive knobs at your side that allow you to seamlessly add or reduce speed & incline.

The newest version of the Peloton Tread (since late 2021) includes a safety key and a 4-digit code to lock the machine from unauthorized or unsupervised use.

Get the best price Peloton Tread in Canada from:

Upgrade Pick - Peloton Tread review details:

Belt Size20 x 59 inches

Weight capacity300 pounds

Motor3.0 hp

Top Speed12.5 mph


Connectivity23.8" touchscreen, Bluetooth, 8MP camera, microphone, Peloton App

Warranty1 yr warranty, motor and belt 3 years, frame 5 years

Cost$3295 at time of publication

Peloton Tread Reviews

Wirecutter ranked it as the #2 on their list claiming it was the 'Upgrade Pick' in their product review. [December 2021]
Upscale aesthetic and motivating subscription-based content

Tom’s Guide - The best treadmill for interactive workouts [January 2022]
Big belt, big motor, huge 23.8 inch touchscreen and great interactive content

Runners World [January 2022]
Best for live classes and motivational instructors

Men’s Health [January 2022]
Recommended for those that like a group class environment from the comfort of their own home

Competition for the Best Treadmill in Canada

There are lots of cheaper unknown brand treadmills online from sites like BestBuy and Amazon, but it’s hard to find reliable information on them. That’s why our Best Treadmill in Canada review only included brands with a history.

Sticking with a more expensive, but better known, treadmill brand should give you a better after-purchase warranty experience if you happen to run into troubles with your machine. Just imagine having to disassemble and mail your treadmill back to a foreign/online company!

Do I need a folding treadmill?

All but the biggest, commercial style, treadmills will fold up or collapse somewhat. The large incline training treadmills don’t, as they have all sorts of extra mechanisms, but most others you can lift up the belt to a vertical position to save some floorspace.

There is also a new trend in folding treadmills that have the top part fold down flat against the running surface to take up less space so that they could be rolled underneath a bed.

Our top rated folding treadmill, the Echelon Stride, folds up on it’s own, and then you can stand it up and position it vertically against the wall. Folded up it’s just over 10 inches thick!

What about the best treadmill with a screen for virtual training?

Smart treadmills, also called connected treadmills, are gaining in popularity and are the most popular models among the choices for the best treadmill in Canada.

Just like the Peloton Tread, smart treadmills allow you to connect to apps. These apps can provide everything from a simple video to watch that makes it look like you are walking down a trail, to fully-engaged walking workouts.

With a bluetooth standard for fitness equipment called FTMS (FiTness Machine Service), apps that connect to a smart treadmill can actually control the speed and incline of your treadmill. This makes for a great interactive experience where you can watch a virtual training video that changes the settings for you.

Some apps, like iFit, have videos from all over the world. You could walk a trail up Mt Everest, and feel the incline and the speed change as you go, following your virtual trainer every step of the way!

Virtual simulations really help take your mind off of the pain and suffering your tired muscles are feeling, and can help you stick with your difficult workout longer.

If a connected treadmill sounds like something you might enjoy, consider downloading the apps and trying it before you buy the treadmill to see how you like it.

Then, you’ll have to consider the additional monthly cost of some of the apps, as well as if you should pay more for the best connected treadmill with a huge interactive touchscreen.

Another option includes using your phone or tablet as the screen, which can lower the overall cost of the smart treadmill. This means that even on a budget, you can find a great smart home treadmill for under $1000.

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