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Whether you’re looking to protect your airsoft guns or your top of the line hunting rifle or trap shooting shotgun, a hard sided case will provide the most protection when traveling from home to shooting spot.

And in case you’re wondering, we aren’t necessarily Plano fanboys, it’s just that they are Made in USA, come with a lifetime warranty, and they are one of the lowest price hard sided gun case you can buy. Ok, maybe we are fanboys!

If you live near a Cabela’s store, you can watch for a sale there. Otherwise, the best hard gun cases in Canada are available online for about the same as the in-store regular prices.

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Best Single Gun Hard Case

Image of Best Hard Gun Case in Canada Plano Single Hard Gun Case

For around $50, you can get this single gun hard case delivered to your door.

This single rifle Plano hard gun case is only slightly smaller than the double, and Plano says it will fit a single rifle with a high-mount 50mm scope.

While less 'sturdy' than the protector series, this is a great low-cost option for a hard sided gun case in Canada.

As airsoft popularity grows, more airsoft users are looking for hard sided cases as well. In fact, this is the #1 Best Seller in the Airsoft Gun Cases category on Amazon Canada!

Internal dimensions are 48" by 11 " by 3" thick.

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Best Double Gun Case - Plano Protector

Image of Best Hard Gun Case in Canada Plano Protector Double Gun Case

Slightly more expensive, and not much bigger (but just enough for 2 guns), this best hard gun case is stronger and not too much more - about $60 at time of publication.

Plano hard gun cases are great for protecting your rifle or shotgun as you transport it out to that turkey hunt, or for shooting some clay pigeons. This case from Plano has a lifetime warranty, and it's lockable so it's airline approved.

It's a little flimsy for being tossed around by baggage handlers, so we wouldn't recommend it for that, but it's definitely sturdy enough to throw in the back of the truck for the weekend.

Internal dimensions are 50" by 12 " by 3" thick, but the 12" is only about 11" right by the handle and lock location.

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Plano All-weather Hard Gun Storage Case

Image of Best Hard Gun Case in Canada Plano All-Weather Gun Storage Case

Weatherproof cases are stronger and protect your guns from the elements, but they cost quite a bit more. This Plano all-weather hard gun case is around $180.

The all-weather case from Plano is in a whole different league than being simply a hard sided gun case. This features a continuous dri-loc seal that creates a watertight and dust proof shield.

With the pre-perforated pluck foam on the inside, it's easy to customize the foam to be a perfect-fit-bed for your favourite guns.

When it comes to hauling this around, the rugged industrial strength construction can handle being dropped and dragged, and it comes with wheels in the end - much like a suitcase would have.

Internal dimensions are 42" by 12 " by 5" thick. Plenty of space for two guns with scopes and accessories.

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Best All-weather Hard Gun Case - Pelican Vault

Image of Best Hard Gun Case in Canada Pelican Vault Rifle Case

A single rifle case costs around $215, while the double gun case is about $100 more (at time of publication).

Pelican is a well known, trusted name at making cases to protect everything from cameras and drones to rifles. This is the best hard gun case for long-term confidence in hard conditions.

Crushproof high-impact polymer, heavy duty handles, push button latches and stainless steel lock hasps for the ultimate in affordable firearms protection.

Internal dimensions are 50" by 10 " by 6" thick. Ideal for 1 rifle or shotgun.

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