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For us coffee lovers, having a reliable way to make delicious coffee whether at home or out on the go is a top priority. Through personal experience and after scouring through tons of reviews, we’ve settled on these choices for the best french press coffee makers.

The Espro P3 is still our top pick for the best french press for most people, although it seems to be hard to find in stock – but don’t worry, their other french press models (the P5 and P7) use their same patented double micro-filters for smooth, consistent french press coffee flavor.

Our pick for the best insulated french press is still the Secura stainless insulated french press coffee maker. It’s survived in our kitchen and rattling around in our travel trailer for more than 3 years without issue!

Or if you need something compact, light, and portable that makes deliciously smooth coffee, check out the AeroPress. It’s featured as a top pick in our Best Espresso Machines in Canada.

A French Press is a great way to make a full flavored cup of coffee at home. They are cheaper and simpler than an automatic drip coffee maker, and they don’t take up as much space as a pour-over coffee setup can.

The best french press next to a coffee mug and some Guatemalan coffee.
A picture of a french press coffee maker next to a coffee mug and coffee grounds.

The best french press is one that make rich flavored coffee, can make enough coffee to meet your needs, and ideally checks all of the boxes on your must-haves list. For some, this can mean a double filter to eliminate most coffee ground residue, and for others it could mean an insulated french press, or a durable coffee press that can be taken on a camping trip or to the job site.

We’ve found the best french press in Canada for each of these situations!

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Choosing the best french press

It didn’t take long to realize there are literally hundreds of options for the best french press in Canada. So, we decided to stick with what works. We checked out Amazon reviews and top sellers, we checked out recommendations from other sites like Wirecutter, and then we cross referenced those recommendations based on the availability and prices of the french presses in Canada.

Over the years of our coffee drinking, we’ve broken many glass french presses by accidentally dropping it, or knocking it into the side of the sink while washing and rinsing out the coffee grounds. For us, the best french press is a stainless steel one that can’t be broken.

For others, however, being able to see inside of the french press is important – this allows you to see the darkness of the coffee, as well as how much is left in it. We did notice with the heavier stainless insulated french press that we often thought there was more coffee left and really it was only a little dribble remaining.

If you’re the type that likes to sip very hot coffee over a long period, than an insulated french press, or a french press travel mug could be the best option for you.

All of the top picks below are great choices, each with it’s own benefit – whether that’s the cost, or the quality, or the portability of it. They all make great tasting coffee and will serve their purpose for years to come.

The Best French Press: Espro P3

Image of The Best French Press Coffee Maker in Canada Espro P3 French Press

The glass press from Espro is hard to find in stock, but they do have more expensive stainless steel (Espro P5) and double-wall insulated (Espro P6 and P7) models with the same patented double micro-filter for the best french press coffee quality.

The Press P3 is the easiest way to brew coffee you'll love. From the safety lock that keeps the glass firmly in place to the BPA free plastic, every aspect of the P3 coffee press is designed to brew reliably good coffee.

Unlike other presses, the patented double micro-filter gives you deep, rich flavor without any grit in your cup. The glass is 40% thicker than a traditional french press, for durability and to help keep your coffee warm, longer. In fact, Espro even guarantees it for life!

Get the best price Espro P3 French Press in Canada from:

Espro P3 French Press Reviews

Wirecutter ranked it as the #1 on their list claiming it was the 'Our Pick for the best French press' in their product review. [November 2021]
The Espro P3’s innovative filter consistently brews bright, grit-free coffee.

Best Insulated French Press: Secura Stainless Steel

Image of The Best French Press Coffee Maker in Canada Secura Stainless Steel Insulated French Press

This is a tough french press that has survived over 3 years of use being tossed around on camping trips and used regularly in our kitchen.

When we say this is a stainless steel french press, we mean it! Every piece - from the outside, to the inner wall, to the coffee filter screens, are all made of food grade stainless.

For less than $50, you can get a huge capacity 50 oz french press that can make coffee for the whole team, or a morning's worth for one heavy drinker...

Made of 18/10 stainless steel both inside and out, this double-wall insulated french press is rugged and keeps your coffee hot! A triple-layered Stainless steel filter traps the smallest coffee grounds to produce an exceptional full-bodied flavor, and the filter is easy to disassemble and clean. It has a cool touch handle and knob for comfortable and safe pouring.

Get the best price Secura Stainless Steel Insulated French Press in Canada from:

Best Cheap French Press: Kichly Coffee Press

Image of The Best French Press Coffee Maker in Canada Kichly French Press

With all the basic features you'd expect, this french press comes in at just over $20, and a cheap french press doesn't have to be junky.

This French press contains an upgraded 3 layered filter that traps the residual grounds in your coffee and brews within minutes. The stainless steel plunger helps in producing an exceptionally pure flavored coffee or tea.

Durable heat resistant borosilicate glass carafe beaker sits in stylish insulated plastic frame which makes pouring coffee easier and prevent wobbling.

Get the best price Kichly French Press in Canada from:

Smoothest Coffee: AeroPress Coffee Press and Espressor Maker

Image of The Best French Press Coffee Maker in Canada AeroPress Coffee Press and Espresso Maker

Another great option, although not technically a french press, the AeroPress creates an espresso type flavor because of the air pressure that pushes the water through the coffee grounds, rather than a french press that allows the coffee grounds to float in the hot water until they are pressed down to the bottom when brewing is done.

It makes great tasting coffee, but because it requires paper filters it gives it an unfair (in our minds) advantage over the Espro P3 in making grit-free coffee.

Using the ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure brewing yields rich flavor with lower acidity and without bitterness. Total immersion brewing results in uniform extraction of the ultimate in full coffee flavor. Micro filtered for grit free coffee - unlike other press-type coffee makers.

Get the best price AeroPress Coffee Press and Espresso Maker in Canada from:

Best Travel French Press: Espro P1

Image of The Best French Press Coffee Maker in Canada Espro P1 Vacuum Insulated Travel French Press

This highly rated portable coffee press uses the same filter basket design as our top pick, but it's also portable and you can drink right from it. Perhaps a little small for your needs, this french press only holds 12 ounces of coffee.

The biggest complaint from buyers is that the sleek, clean lines of the design leave you nothing to grip which can make unscrewing the lid difficult sometimes.

The Espro travel french press is designed for people that want great tasting coffee when they’re on the move. With an insulated, double-walled stainless-steel construction, it keeps your brew toasty for hours and won’t ever break or leak.

Get the best price Espro P1 Vacuum Insulated Travel French Press in Canada from:

Another Portable French Press: Stanley Travel Mug

Image of The Best French Press Coffee Maker in Canada Stanley Travel Mug French Press

This is Amazon's Choice for a french press travel mug in Canada.

It's strong enough to be thrown in your work truck, and it will keep your coffee hot for hours. Be sure not to use boiling hot water when you make your coffee or it won't cool down enough to drink for hours!

With the rugged dependability of Stanley products, this portable french press is made from 18/10 stainless steel. It has a coffee capacity of 16 ounces, and it's less expensive than the Espro travel french press.

Get the best price Stanley Travel Mug French Press in Canada from:

Competition for the title of the Best French Press in Canada

There are so many choices for a french press, and really, since they are a fairly simply machine, if you can get your hands on one you can quickly tell for yourself if it’s a french press that will break easily, or if it will last for years (including accidental bumps in the kitchen).

There are cheap french press options, but the base level seems to be around $20. Ikea does have it’s own french press for around $11, but that’s only an option if you live near an Ikea store. We’ve also had one of these and it broke after bumping it on the edge of the sink, and it seems like the glass was quite thin.

Stanley has a beautiful rugged stainless steel french press that’s great for camping, but it costs over $100, and we’ve taken the Secura french press on several trips. It’s rattled around in our camp trailer, and it’s been tossed in a bin to throw in the back of a truck for a hunting trip, and the Secura has survived without so much as a scratch. We just couldn’t recommend the Stanley at over twice the cost of the Secura for the same durability.

When it comes to the best portable french presses, Amazon is full of no-name options in the $25-$35 range. For only a few dollars more, it makes sense to go with a name brand travel french press from Stanley or Espro (our recommendations above) and get the lifetime warranty from a company you can trust.

What makes the best french press coffee maker?

The french press was first patented back in 1852 in France (hence the name). While the method of making french press coffee is contended, the best way to make smooth coffee is to have a filter that prevents any of the coffee grounds and grit from getting through or around the filter.

After the grounds are first added to the hot water, the plunger should be submerged half way down into the water, and then pulled back up to just below the surface of the water to ensure all of the grounds are wet, and that none of the grounds are above the water.

Once the brewing time has completed (can vary from 3 to 8 minutes depending on the desired coffee flavour), press the plunger down slowly until it is 1/2 above the layer of coffee grounds at the bottom.

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  1. I just want, desperately at this point 😖, to learn if the Secura French press coffee is MADE, not sold but MADE in Canada. It should not be difficult to find out where a product is made before you place an order.

    1. Hi Mary, at that price point it’s safe to assume it is NOT Made in Canada. In fact, very little is these days, and when it is, we love to highlight that fact!
      Update: After looking at the box this french press shipped in, we see it says “Made in China”

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