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I remember back when I was a child when, if I was lucky, I’d get a cardboard package with 25 little pop outs. For each day in December leading up to Christmas, I’d pop open the corresponding little door and gobble up the waxy little chocolate. Now, the best advent calendar can come in hundreds of different options, perfect for building Christmas excitement in people of all ages.

We’ve searched high and low looking for the best advent calendar for 2021, and rest assured, these are all available in Canada. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for the best advent calendar for children, or for a foodie, or a Lego-lover, here they are – in no particular order.

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Get your Advent Calendar Canada before December 1, 2021!

Looking for a deal? You could wait until mid-December – these go on sale every year when advent is half over. And if you’re smarter than most people, you might consider buying non-food-item best advent calendars in mid-December for next year!

Most of these cost around $40 with sales happening off and on as we get closer to December. If you’re looking for a lower cost advent calendar for 2021, check out your local store for some of the good ol’ chocolate advent calendars.

Classic Choice - Chocolate Advent Calendar

A classic choice - tasty chocolates in an Advent Calendar. Choose from Lindt chocolates, Cookies n' Creme, Reese's Peanut Butter cups and more, all for under $15.

Find and open a new window each day in December leading up to Christmas to discover a delicious REESE candy. Each Advent calendar contains: 24 wrapped REESE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS miniatures candy and one REESE Cluster candy.

Get the best price Chocolate Advent Calendar 2021 in Canada from:

S.T.E.M. Magic & Tricks Advent Calendar

For only $39, this is the best advent calendar for the science lover! It contains 24 inner boxes, each filled with a surprise.

Cool science tricks from the fields of physics, robotics, chemistry, and illusions! Within each box is an exciting magic trick, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas Day. This S.T.E.M. advent calendar is recommended for age 8-99.

Get the best price S.T.E.M. Magic & Tricks Advent calendar in Canada from:

LEGO City Advent Calendar

LEGO has had advent calendars for a few years, but this is a new release for the 2021 Advent Calendar season. Priced at $39.99

Kids aged 5 and up can enjoy imaginative play each December day with this LEGO City Advent Calendar. It's bursting with mini-builds, fun LEGO City TV characters and cool accessories with a total of 349 pieces.

Get the best price 2021 Lego Advent Calendar with 349 pieces in Canada from:

Best Advent Calendar for Coffee Lovers

For $39, this 2021 advent calendar is great for coffee lovers!

Great for the coffee lover, although it requires them to have a Keurig 2.0 machine, this 2021 advent calendar comes with 24 different organic, fair-trade coffee pods. Each day in December can be started with a different flavor!

Under the number sticker is a flavour sticker that can be peeled off to reveal an encouraging message and the coffee flavour for that day of advent.

Get the best price Coffee Junkie K-Cup Advent Calendar in Canada from:

DAVIDsTea 24 Days of Holidays

More of a tea person than a coffee person? This advent calendar is the #1 Best Seller in the Gourmet Tea category. Selling for $59.99

What’s better than counting down to the holidays with delicious tea? Doing it with your bestie by your side. Behind every door lies two portions of loose leaf tea, so you can share in the holiday magic with your favourite person. Sip your way to the holidays with this luxe 24-tea countdown. Includes fan faves, web exclusives.

Get the best price DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Holidays in Canada from:

Advent Calendar Tool Set

A funny, slightly strange, and useful advent calendar from Canadian Tire, this tool set is only $29.99.

Perfect for the tool over, or for a Dad who has to play Santa's workshop helper by assembling toys Christmas morning, this advent calendar spreads out a tool set throughout the month of December.

Get the best price Advent Calendar Tool Set in Canada from:

Hot Wheels 2021 Advent Calendar

More expensive at $58, this advent calendar is for the hot wheels loving child!

The Hot Wheels Advent Calendar holds 24 days of surprises to get your favorite Hot Wheels fan geared up for the holiday season! Behind each door lies either a super cool 1:64 scale Hot Wheels car or a holiday-themed accessory that kids will love. The front panel converts into a playmat on which the vehicles and accessories can be used for exiting adventures.

Get the best price Hot Wheels 2021 Advent Calendar in Canada from:

Best Advent Calendar with Beauty Products

This Yves Rocher 2021 advent calendar costs a little more ($75), but it's loaded with exciting and useful beauty items.

Looking for something a little different for the mother, wife, or daughter in your life? This Yves Rocher beauty product advent calendar is a great idea. Every day, discover a selection of new products and discover our face, fragrance, body, hair, and make-up must-haves while patiently awaiting Christmas!

Get the best price Beauty Product Advent Calendar in Canada from:

Jewelry Charm Advent Calendar

For only $44.99, this advent calendar contains 1 bracelet, 1 necklace, and 22 charms made of alloy.

From Dec 1 to Christmas, everyday this advent calendar has a special number and each number has a different jewelry gift. You can DIY your necklace or bracelet with a different charm each day. Enjoy surprises while you count down the days until Christmas. Available in blue, purple, or pink color schemes.

Get the best price Jewelry Pendant Charms Advent Calendar in Canada from:

Best Advent Calendar to customize yourself

If none of the pre-made advent calendars seem like the right fit for you, this one has 24 small drawers you can fill with whatever you want. At $66 this wooden advent calendar can be used year after year.

This beautiful wooden advent calendar will work year after year. Fill each of the 24 drawers with a note, a bible verse, a small surprise, or all of the above!

This advent calendar comes with LED lights that make the small winter scene light up at the top of the calendar. Each drawer is 2.36 x 1.38 inches.

Get the best price DIY Advent Calendar in Canada from:

An Advent Calendar helps count down the days until Christmas, starting on the first day of December. Each day a devotional phrase or small item is revealed. Typically, the best advent calendar has small boxes or containers that you can hang on a wall or display on a table and open each morning.

Advent means coming (from the Latin ‘adventus’), and in the Christian Church calendar, is the period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas. To learn more about the history of the advent calendar, starting with the German Lutherans in the 19th century, read this article on Wikipedia.

Advent calendars usually count up, with each numbered box or bag corresponding to the calendar day in December. So, box 1 would not be opened with only 1 day left until Christmas, but would be opened on December 1.

Best Advent Calendar Craft Projects

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