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A hammer drill has all the great features of a standard cordless drill, with a hammer function that allows you to drill through concrete and masonry with ease. A 20V DeWalt hammer drill comes with DeWalt’s legendary reliability and performance.

Which 20V DeWalt Hammer Drill is best for you?

If you’re looking for an entry-level hammer drill for projects around home, check out the DCD778C2. It’s the same drill as the best-selling DCD777C2 with the addition of the hammer drill feature.

For a maximum power sort of DeWalt 20v hammer drill tool, take a look at the DCD998 20v DeWalt Hammer Drill tool. They are absolute beasts – they even have an additional handle included to help you control all the torque. With a DeWalt UWO power rating of 1072, these hammer drills output more than triple the power of the entry-level models!

If you need even more power, check out the FlexVolt Advantage hammer drill. It can sense when it’s connect to a 20V battery or the 60V Flexvolt battery. With the 60V battery, the torque jumps up to an incredible 1219 UWO!

If you run a jobsite with multiple workers, take a look at the DeWalt tool connect feature available on some of the 20V hammer drills. It allows you to use an app on your phone to track the location of your tools.

Below is a list of all of the 20v DeWalt Hammer Drills that are available in Canada. There is only one model, the DCD709C2 Hammer Drill, that isn’t included because we couldn’t find it for sale anywhere in Canada.

DeWalt Hammer Drill 20v Comparison Chart

Model Shop Max PowerSpeedsNo Load SpeedChuck SizeChuck TypeTool Only WeightBrushlessMax BPMIncludesTotal Battery AhMade in USATool Connect
DeWalt DCD709B Atomic Hammer DrillAmazon.ca34020-450/0-1650 rpm1/2"Plastic, Ratcheting2.5lbsYes0-28,050Belt Hook0
DeWalt DCD778C2 Hammer DrillAmazon.ca34020-500/0-1750 rpm1/2"Plastic, Ratcheting3.6lbsYes0-29,750bpm(2) 20V MAX* Lithium Ion ...3.0 AhYes
DeWalt DCD785C2 20V Hammer DrillAmazon.ca35020-600/0-2000 rpm1/2"Plastic, Ratcheting3.5lbs0-34,000bpm(2) 20V MAX* Lithium Ion ...3.0 AhYes
DeWalt DCD796D2 Hammer DrillAmazon.ca46020-550/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.6lbsYes0-9350/0-34,000bpmBelt hook, (2) 20V MAX* L...4.0 AhYes
DeWalt DCD797D2 20V Hammer DrillAmazon.ca46020-550/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.6lbsYes0-9350/0-34,000bpmBelt hook, (2) 20V MAX* L...4.0 AhYes
DeWalt DCD985M2 Hammer DrillAmazon.ca53530-575/0-1350/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.9lbs0-34,000bpm(2) 20V MAX* XR®Lithium ...8.0AhYes
DeWalt DCD996P2 20V Hammer DrillAmazon.ca82030-450/0-1300/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.4lbsYes0-38,250bpm360° Side Handle and Bel...10AhYes
DeWalt DCD997P2BT 20V Hammer DrillAmazon.ca82030-450/0-1300/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.4lbsYes0-38,250bpm360° Side Handle and Bel...10.0AhYesYes
DeWalt DCD998W1 Power Detect Hammer DrillAmazon.ca107230-450/0-1300/0-2000 rpm1/2"Nitro-carburized metal, Ratcheting3.5lbsYes0-38,250bpm8.0 Ah battery, charger, ...No
DeWalt DCD999B 20V/60V Flexvolt Hammer DrillAmazon.ca121930-450/0-1300/0-2000 rpm1/2"Nitro-carburized metal, Ratcheting3.54lbsYes0-38,250bpm360 degree side handle, belt hookNo

Should I buy a regular drill or a hammer drill?

Ultimately, it’s a decision you need to make based on the type of jobs you will need the tool for. If you don’t think you’ll need a hammer drill function for drilling into concrete or masonry, then skip the extra cost.

However, if you do need the feature in the future, then you’ll be stuck having to buy a second tool (which isn’t always a bad thing!).

If you don’t need the hammer drill function, consider a non-hammer cordless drill. Here’s our review of the best cordless drills in Canada.

Can a DeWalt Hammer Drill be used as a regular drill?

Yes it can! In fact, if you look at our Ultimate DeWalt Cordless Drill Comparison Chart you’ll notice that other than a slight model number change, and the addition of a hammer drill feature, the cordless drills are identical.

For example, the DCD791D2 has the exact same power output, speeds, and metal ratcheting clutch as the DCD796D2. The DCD796, however, also has a hammer drill feature that the DCD791 does not.

How much is a DeWalt 20 volt hammer drill?

While a 20v hammer drill is more expensive than the comparable 20V cordless drill, if you need the hammer feature you need to spend it. The only other option would be to buy a second tool – a cordless drill for most of your jobs, and then a hammer drill for the odd masonry drilling you need to do.

You can find cheap ‘no-name’ hammer drills at places like Princess Auto, but there hammer features are incredibly noisy and not as helpful as they should be. The difference I noticed between a Hammer Fist corded hammer drill and a Bosch Bulldog XTreme hammer drill was not even comparable. The bulldog ate through concrete like nothing!

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